2020 – Mid-Year Round Up |Living in a New Normal World

2020 – Mid-Year Round Up |Living in a New Normal World

Let’s look back six (6) months of the year 2020; everything we did has been dominated by the health crisis caused by Covid-19 has created a historical recession with a record level of unemployment creating hardships for human beings all around the world. But no matter what comes our way – we humans have the ability to evolve and overcome challenges. Rather than worrying about the unpredictable and unknown things we focus on what we know and we can control.

“Prepare for the New Normal – Whatever it maybe” is what we have moved on with. Everything has changed and people around the world are experiencing different ways of living. While we have a lot of negative news around us we as humans are evolving and finding ourselves spending time more effectively, learning new things, bonding and reconnecting with our families, and many more such actions bringing the positive out of us.

Considering the situation which we have been through, we would like to share some ideas on how we can adapt to this “New Normal World” and get back to our daily lives stronger and wiser…

1. Balance virtual with in-person connectivity – Taking necessary precautions and balancing the virtual v/s in-person ways of connecting with people is the new norm of the world. While the use of video conferencing, email, phone apps, etc. has drastically increased, and in-person connection should be established from time to time with the necessary precautions.

2. Apply your learning in your daily life and work – Knowingly or unknowingly we have learned a lot in the last 6 months due to the health crisis, whether it may be through reading or changing our ways of working or devising new business concepts. We need to apply our learning to all future life and business decisions to ensure resilience in the new world.

3. Plan, Implement and Transform – The purpose and needs remain, this crisis will end one day, another crisis may come another day so be ready to plan and transform the ways of life or business to invest in your future.

WinCom, as a business advisory firm, has supported numerous businesses in challenging situations. While we never imagined we would ever encounter a crisis this big; there is even more need for each and every business to work on strategic and business continuity plans (BCP) to apply the learnings as well as work towards building & transforming businesses for future.

No one knows what the next few months or years will look like, it’s doesn’t matter because it will be what will be. Taking the focus off from making predictions on the possibilities and looking at what we can execute in reality shall make a difference in our lives and businesses. Not only will we achieve greater peace of mind but also we devise more power and resilience to move forward.

In many ways, this “New Normal” has allowed us to understand what is truly important.